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The William Fund

The William Fund


William Burk loved dogs. His mother Maria had been an animal control officer for many years. Maria has been a long time AAVENGE supporter. In September of 2012, Maria walked with AAVENGE in the Labor Day parade. The owner of a local boarding facility had taken in a female dog that was pregnant and delivered 7 beautiful puppies. A few of the puppies still needed homes and so they were carried in the arms of AAVENGE volunteers in the parade. Maria carried a beautiful white puppy that she fell in love with and ended up adopting. The puppy who was named “Sophia” walked with AAVENGE in the 2013 Labor Day parade. This time Maria’s son William walked with us and was so proud to be walking Sophia in the parade.


Sadly, in December of 2013 William passed away unexpectedly. He was only 25. His mother asked that memorials be made to AAVENGE. To honor William’s memory, AAVENGE has established “The William Fund”. Each year at Christmas time, AAVENGE members in consultation with William’s mother will pick a dog in need and a donation will be made to help that specific dog in William’s name. William’s love of dogs will be able to transcend his passing through this monetary gift. AAVENGE will always be grateful to Maria for thinking of us at a very difficult time in her life. The William Fund will honor that gift and the memory of Maria’s son William Burk.


The First William Fund Recipient


Sweetie, a 4 1/2 year old pit bull, came to us as a result of a young couple asking for help.


She was originally rescued by her owner while he was passing through Tennessee on his way to visit his brother in South Carolina. As he was driving, he saw a dog running on the side of the highway. She was emaciated and clearly needed help. It took some time and lots of coaxing, but Sweetie finally gave in to his plea to help her and was able to get this girl to a local vet. Nobody claimed her and he just could not leave her behind, so back home she went to become a Chicago dweller.

Sweetie’s owner was evicted from his apartment because of the economy. He was gratefully able to move in with a family member, but his two dogs were not welcome there. Another family member took their 2nd dog, but Sweetie was left with nowhere to go other than a shelter.  For an adult pit bull, a shelter many times equates death. So, we scooped her up and Sweetie is now a part of our pack  until she finds her forever home.

 Sweetie has had her hurdles in the past several months ago. Sweetie injured her leg and needed knee surgery to repair her torn ACL, possible meniscus and a platelet injection to help the other knee heal.  Sadly, having this surgery meant that we needed to put our search for Sweetie's forever home on hold.

Our medical fund is never big enough. That's why we are forever grateful, and honored, that our Sweetie was the first recipient of The William Fund. It is a gift that reminds us that the passion of others is what makes our struggles feasible, our dreams the beginning of tangible works that save lives, and our promises to the dogs we rescue a reality.

It is in partnership with organizations like AAVENGE, who share the very same passions and commitment that we do, and who are giving from their hearts, who bring it all full circle.  For that, we are beyond grateful!

Now that Sweetie has healed, Midwest Rescue is able to resume our search for her forever home.  Much to our happiness, Sweetie is back to her sassy self!


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