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Since its inception in the spring of 2008, AAVENGE has been spreading their anti-dog fighting message far and wide. Not only have we brought to the public’s attention the horrors of dog fighting and how pit bulls are perhaps the most abused and misunderstood breed of dog in America today, but we have also drawn the correlation between dog fighting and violence towards humans. The cruelty involved in dog fighting should be punished by more than a slap on the hand. This is not a spur-of-the-moment act, it is premeditated and cruel. It has no place in a civilized society. We all need to take it upon ourselves to be the one to do something about it. AAVENGE was formed to be a catalyst to “do something”. Psychiatrists believe that that dog fighting has a disturbing impact on emotionally troubled or vulnerable youth. It makes them prone to destructive behavior and dog fighting fuels aggressive tendencies. Dog fighting causes pain not only in dogs but also in humans.


AAVENGE helps in other ways. We literally “put our money where our mouth is”. The money we donate to dogs in need comes from various fundraisers that we do as well as donations. Some of our fundraisers include “Pancakes For Pitties”, “Volley For The Pitties”, a dog wash, and Spa SenseSation, a spa event for the ladies. We also sell AAVENGE t-shirts and bumper stickers which are featured on our website. Anyone interested in these items, who has questions about our fundraising efforts or who wants to join us in our mission can contact us on Face Book or at AAVENGE has no paid staff, we are all volunteers. 100% of the funds we raise above and beyond basic operating expenses go directly to help dogs in need. Since it’s inception in the spring of 2008, AAVENGE had donated nearly $20,000 to dogs in need.


There are times that AAVENGE has taken on a special project for dogs in need that is beyond the ordinary. When we found out that dogs in a small, rural shelter were sleeping on hard wooden boxes, AAVENGE sprung into action. We purchased Kurandra beds so the dogs would have a soft place to sleep.


Helping Military Dogs


AAVENGE has made donations to the group Support Military Working Dogs. The raffle of the painting “Kelsey’s Buddy” which honored the brave men and women of the US military and man’s best friend was very successful. To that end, AAVENGE felt that it was only right that we do something to help the military dogs who serve and protect us and our soldiers.

There are areas where our troops are deployed where there are extreme temperatures. Dogs serving in Iraq for example would find themselves in temperatures up to 145 degrees. The dogs can only work for up to an hour and a half in that kind of heat. Cooling vests allow them to work longer periods of time. In addition, goggles help keep the sand out of their eyes and protective footwear keeps their paws from getting burned on the sand and other hot surfaces. This special group of people help make sure the military working dogs have all the necessary gear to do the job that they are trained to do in providing valuable assistance to military personnel. AAVENGE salutes military working dogs and all the members of our armed services.


The Story of Delilah and Matt


Then there was Delilah. While on patrol in Afghanistan, a group of soldiers came across a little puppy along the side of the road that quickly fell into step with the soldiers and followed them on their march. Afghanistan is not the best place in the world for a dog, much less a little puppy. A young soldier named Matt took Delilah under his wing and asked his family for assistance to “Bring Delilah Home” to Texas. When AAVENGE heard of Delilah’s plight, we had to help. AAVENGE made a donation and we kept tabs on fundraising efforts. Enough money was raised, and thanks to Pilot’s N Paws, Delilah made it safely home to Texas. Sadly, several of Matt’s friends in his unit were killed and our prayers will remain with Matt and the families of those who were lost. Welcome home Matt and thank you for your service.

We could not have helped any of these dogs if it were not for the generous support of all of you. We deeply appreciate it, and we look forward to great things to come.




AAVENGE is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. All donations to AAVENGE are tax deductible as allowable by law.

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